Anyone having turbo charger actuator problems on a john deere R series tractor?


Packing hay and we got an ECU code 2795 Turbocharger actuator at fault limiting horsepower, the tractor has 600 hours on it and it was said that it could be the carbon build-up, and it was said that the cycle of the key to get the actuator to release, did it work for a few hours and then got the code again so it shut down and waiting for a service technician to come!

Just out of curiosity I popped the hood and flipped the key switch, the actuator arm seems to move fine when the key is turned on and off, although it jumps up and down and then stays down unless I start it. … I have no idea what is normal for this actuator to make the first tractor that has one, I don’t even know what it actually does !!!

it only sucks when you already have good oatmeal hay ready to pack and it’s not the rain and a new tractor that you bought so it had no breakdowns broke haha ​​!!! and I don’t know if it is that big of a problem, the code will appear long enough to read it then it will be erased, but I don’t want to risk it and will wait and see what the technician says.

We found out they had a pipe I think they called it that was a thing sent by JD saying there was a problem with a wiring harness / connector .. what they did was they replaced the connector and added a little like 2 foot harness on the which connects to the sensor by the turbo, I guess the connection can vibrate and then send codes, when. They added that the harness was added a little support that the hooked connection points to keep them from moving around made it solid. That fixed our problem, and it took the technician about 30 minutes to put it on.

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