Pull behind sprayer issues on JD 6155R


I have an older Hardi sprayer with a Hypro hydraulic pump. I just bought a newer tractor and have it set up to spray with it. I have a JD2000 rate controller. After spraying about 5-600 acres my hydraulic oil gets too hot and shuts off the SCV. There was a restrictor in the hydraulic line going to the hydraulic pump …

I removed it and closed the relief valve. That didn’t help. The other thing is, it looks like it would have more than enough hydraulic flow to open the agitators and return flow valves all the way and still be able to spray. If I open them, I find it difficult to maintain enough pressure to get the volume I need.

I’m not looking to go 10 mph and 15 gallons per acre, just going 5 to 6 mph at about 11 gallons. Has anyone dealt with these issues?

Lots of trouble here. The pump must be adapted to the tractor. Use the Hypro Hydraulic Motor Guide for assistance. Then assuming it’s a “newer” tractor that can handle the flow and volume of oil you’re talking about, is the oil cooler clean? Finally, are you following the recommendations for connecting the engines to the tractor?

That is, most recommend a separate return to the box to remove restrictions through the knobs. Just a few things to start with. If all else fails, certain tractors simply shouldn’t be used with hydraulic motors, especially older ones.

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