John Deere 6155R

There are many reasons to choose a John Deere 6155R tractor: state-of-the-art integrated technologies, exceptional all-round visibility, easy-to-use control interfaces, and the new generation of CommandARM. Now, to meet the stringent requirements of Phase IV, we have refined the industry’s Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) system to meet our own stringent standards. This is typical of the John Deere philosophy to exceed your expectations on all fronts.


Connectivity inside

Automatic guidance – Make the most of your day

StarFire™ 6000 Receiver
StarFire ™ 6000 Receiver

Access to John Deere automated guidance solutions begins with the StarFire 6000 receiver. Capabilities include improved signal stability for maximum uptime and SF3 accuracy. This means that the receiver always keeps you on track whatever the conditions. With SF3, you get repeatable results – no deviation from the guidance line or limits – for an entire season. The StarFire 6000 receiver works perfectly with all John Deere guidance systems and with all levels of precision (SF1, SF3, Mobile RTK and Radio RTK).

iTEC™ Pro

Intelligent Total Equipment Control integrates AutoTrac ™ automatic steering and implement management systems to control tractor speed, front and rear mounted implements and differential lock engagement, among other parameters. This allows hands-free turning while reducing soil compaction, resulting in perfect headlands and consistent crop growth.

JDLink™ system

See where your machines are and what they are doing with JDLink
See where your machines are and what they’re doing with JDLink

JDLink shows where the machines are, what they are doing, and how they are working. You or your dealer can assist remote operators with machine setup and operation with Remote Display Access (RDA). Additionally, JDLink Connect includes Wireless Data Transfer (WDT) for seamless data exchange between the machine and the office.

Job management made easy

Job management made easy with MyJobConnect
Job management is easier with MyJobConnect

Eliminate paperwork and endless phone calls during job planning, execution and reporting. With the MyJobConnect ™ application, you can assign clearly defined tasks to your operators on the go, using the MyJobsManager application. Your operators can view work orders in real time and execute them using the MyJobs ™ application on their mobile device. Once the job is done, you have accurate and complete data instantly to streamline job reporting and professional billing.

Operations Center

Go to the Operations Center to map exact locations in the field for upcoming jobs, follow the progress of your machines’ work, easily assign work orders to operators, view as-applied maps automatically shipped from the field, and create, analyze, and share application reports with trusted partners and customers.

Connectivity inside packages

With the Tractor 6R, you have a machine equipped with smart technologies to help you increase profitability, comfort and uptime while reducing your cost of ownership *:

  • 4600 CommandCenter Display with CommandCenter AutoTrac or CommandCenter Premium activations
  • 5-year subscription to JDLink Connect
  • Access to the Operations Center at
  • Tractor automation

All of the above, plus a FarmSight ™ dealer service package to educate and support you in the use of these technologies, is what John Deere offers to those opting for indoor connectivity.

* NOTE: Connectivity pack items are a limited promotional offer and include time subscriptions.

Outstanding cab

View of cab
Cockpit view

A commanding view

Ergonomic excellence, all-round visibility and comfort are the hallmarks of the spacious ComfortView cab. All controls and machine / operator interfaces have been optimized for logical and intuitive use. All 6R Series tractors are equipped with CommandARM ™ controls and a fourth generation CommandCenter ™ display with Bluetooth® wireless connectivity. The GreenStar ™ 3 2630 display can be retrofitted to any of the right-hand corner posts. The sloping engine hood and excellent all-round visibility give operators an unrivaled overview of their surroundings. The optional panoramic roof expands the operator’s field of vision, providing up to 30 percent more practical visibility when working with a front loader.

CommandARM controls and Generation 4 CommandCenter Display

ComfortView™ cab with CommandARM
ComfortView ™ cab with CommandARM

The CommandARM, with its optional reconfigurable electronic joystick, provides a completely intuitive operating interface. All the controls you need for daily work are at your fingertips: Selective Control Valves (SCVs), AutoTrac ™ Automatic Steering, iTEC ™ Machine Control, Air Conditioning, Lights, Radio, Four Wheel Drive (4WD ) and hitch depth control. Mounted on the CommandARM, the Generation 4 CommandCenter has easy-to-use slide-out functionality, similar to that of a tablet, and monitors everything you need for efficient and productive work.

CommandPRO™ joystick and Generation 4 CommandCenter Display

ComfortView cab with CommandPRO joystick
ComfortView cab with CommandPRO joystick

The CommandPRO joystick offers a completely intuitive operating interface. All the controls you need for daily work are at your fingertips: SCV, AutoTrac automatic steering, iTEC machine control, air conditioning, lights, radio, 4WD, and hitch depth control. Mounted on the CommandARM, the Generation 4 CommandCenter display has easy-to-use slide-out functionality, similar to that of a tablet, and monitors everything you need for efficient and productive work.

Generation 4 CommandCenter Display with Extended Monitor

All 6R tractors can be ordered with a secondary monitor mounted high on the C-post in operation with the 4600 CommandCenter display.

The Gen 4 Extended Monitor offers the ability to use an additional 25.4 cm (10-inch) monitor with the 4600 CommandCenter ™ to view and adjust multiple operational activities, such as a combination of planter run screens, map views of guidance / coverage / application or Rate Controller settings.

Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Comfort and agility

Smooth operator

6R Tractor
6R tractor

The Triple Link Suspension System (TLS ™) Plus ensures optimal traction and on-field performance, applying up to 10% more power to the ground. It also ensures greater operator comfort, reduces fatigue and increases productivity, while variable-ratio steering improves maneuverability in the field. The 6230R and 6250R tractors also benefit from the added comfort and stability provided by the longer 2900 mm (114.2 in) wheelbase.

Triple-Link Suspension (TLS)
Triple bond suspension (TLS)

Adaptive front axle

Adaptive front axle
Adaptive front axle

The self-leveling TLS Plus suspension system automatically adjusts the sensitivity and speed of the suspension and syncs with hitch sensing to compensate for the power jump in heavy traction conditions.

Variable ratio steering

Variable ratio steering off
Variable ratio steering off
Variable ratio steering on
Variable Ratio Steering On

Variable-ratio steering improves operator comfort by requiring less hand movement and steering effort when turning at the headland or in tight spaces. Faster turning of the steering wheel increases hydraulic flow, allowing for faster tire response. The system can be enabled or disabled on the CommandCenter ™ display and is available for all 6R tractors.



The high horsepower of the 4.5 L (274.6 cu in) 4-cylinder John Deere engine and the 6.8 L (415 cu in) 6-cylinder engine is made possible by our refined high-performance common rail technology. Four valve pressure (HPCR) with injection pressure up to 2500 bar (36,259.4 psi). The PVS engine on the 6175R, 6195R and 6215R is equipped with a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) that steadily increases performance and efficiency throughout the torque curve. The PSS engines (6230R and 6250R) use a two-stage turbocharging system in which the VGT multiplies the pressure created by a fixed vane turbocharger.

Superb hydraulics

Hydraulic system
Hydraulic system

The 6R Series pressure and flow compensated closed center hydraulic system is designed for maximum durability and reliability by optimizing the number of hydraulic components and connections, also making it extremely efficient. The 6230R and 6250R system provides a powerful 160 L / min (42.3 gpm) power at 1,500 rpm with improved operating characteristics. The components of the Selective Control Valve (SCV) stack have been grouped together in an extremely user-friendly way, with up to six rear SCVs and Power Beyond couplers. The wide hitch rails allow generous clearance for power take-off (PTO) duties, and the arrangement gives the operator an unobstructed view of the rear hitch and connection points when maneuvering for attachment attachment.

Widest transmission portfolio

AutoQuad™ transmission

6R Tractor
6R tractor

The AutoQuad transmission has all the benefits of the PowrQuad ™ PLUS transmission with the added convenience of automatic gear shifting. It is available in the 20F / 20R and 24F / 24R versions. With the EcoShift option, a transport speed of 40 km / h (25 mph) is maintained at just 1533 rpm, reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

PowrQuad PLUS transmission

There are two versions of the PowrQuad PLUS transmission, 20F / 20R and 24F / 24R. Availability depends on tractor model. Both versions provide quick shifting that includes speed adaptation when changing range. They are operated by a single-range lever with a push-button release and gear selection function. SoftShift technology keeps shifting smooth, even under load.

Enhanced AutoPowr™ transmission – Infinite speed adjustment in all situations

AutoPowr transmission
AutoPowr Transmission

AutoPowr is a hydro-mechanical transmission that provides continuous, stepless power at speeds between 40 km / h and 50 km / h (25 mph and 31 mph). The AutoPowr transmission maintains the selected gear by automatically responding to changes in load conditions. Once full highway speed has been reached, the engine revs automatically drop to the minimum level necessary to maintain that speed, thus reducing noise and saving fuel. A speed of 50 km / h is maintained at 1630 rpm, and a speed of 40 km / h is maintained at 1300 rpm with the CommandPRO ™ joystick.

DirectDrive transmission – The benchmark for seamless efficiency

DirectDrive transmission
DirectDrive streaming

Developed specifically for 6R tractors, DirectDrive is an eight-speed, three-range transmission designed and built by John Deere for heavy-duty agricultural work. Super efficient dual-clutch technology always has the next gear aligned, so no momentum is lost during shifts, fuel consumption is reduced, and driveability is ensured. During transport, DirectDrive reduces the engine speed to 1,550 rpm at 40 km / h and 1,600 rpm at 50 km / h, thus reducing fuel consumption. In addition, the AutoClutch function allows the tractor to stop without the need to depress the clutch.

The John Deere 6155R Utility Tractor is powered by a durable 6.8L 6-cylinder John Deere PowerTech ™ Final Tier 4 engine, producing 155 horsepower at 2,100 rated rpm.

The John Deere 6155R Utility Tractor comes with several transmission options, including AutoQuad PLUS ™, direct drive, or infinitely variable transmission.

The John Deere 6155R Tractor is equipped with the ComfortView ™ cab for all-day comfort and is available with CommandPRO ™ to control your tractor and implement in the palm of your hand.

If you have no idea about the new and latest John Deere 6155R Tractor, in this post, you will get all kinds of information that you want to know about him. Hope it is useful for you. So let’s check it out.

Video: John Deere 6155R Autopowr on test

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It is difficult to find holes in the Deere R series. The cockpit is polished overall, but the standout feature is the Command Pro joystick, which is easy to use, has a ton of customization options, and is nicely integrated with the cockpit touchscreen.

It’s arguably the best in this power sector, but that could change when the Fendt One concept is fully implemented.

The downside to all this technology is that it contributes to higher and higher prices, as this model is approaching € 200,000 before dealer discounts, a scary proposition, especially for companies that don’t change their tractors regularly.

See the 6155R Autopowr put to the test and read the full report below.


The wide steps and the perfectly folded passenger seat allow unobstructed access to the cabin. Our test model had the Premium specification and there is not much more refinement one could wish for to spend long hours in the seat.

From an elevated position, especially compared to four-cylinder machines, operators get good views of all four corners. The cab is also located further back than that of the New Holland, which means that the pick-up hitch is fairly easy to see.

It has a door that opens to the right and the compact nature of the armrest and screen means that it is easy to pass without turning the seat, should you have to disembark from that side.

However, the four-post cab format means that the doors are large and we found them to flap when opened.

They also don’t form an airtight seal when closed, meaning the noise inside was higher than expected. With this in mind, we’d be tempted to go for the optional five-post layout with a smaller front door, B-pillar, and window.

The layout of the controls is perfectly adapted to the plow and, with the operator’s body tilted to look out the rear window, the elevator scroll wheel, pull and position adjustment buttons are perfectly handy for making small adjustments. on the progress.

The most prominent feature of the cabin, however, is the Command Pro joystick, which on high-spec models has replaced the old joystick-trackball combination.

Pressing it in the direction of travel controls speed but, intelligently, operators can decide to switch to pedal mode simply by putting their foot on the accelerator, without having to warn the tractor.

Direction changes are achieved by pushing the tractor through an L-shaped door forwards or backwards. It’s a very interesting setup and makes the old column-mounted inverter redundant, especially when you consider that the park position has been shifted to a button next to the joystick.

However, this is rarely necessary as the transmission automatically parks as soon as the driver leaves the seat.

Cruising speed is achieved by tapping the joystick to the right, just like in a Fendt, and there are two speed settings that the operator can toggle with a rocker switch. This was useful to us for headlands and can be adjusted in an iTec spin sequence.

John Deere 6155R cabin

In total, there are 12 assignable buttons on the joystick: eight are double-action with detent and four are single buttons for functions like Autotrac.

They are all very easy to set up and are displayed at startup on the 4600 display, at which point operators can choose a saved profile or make their own settings.

Some users won’t mind this level of customization, but the fact that it’s relatively easy to do makes it quite appealing, even to the self-proclaimed dinosaurs of tractor driving.

The display itself is intuitive too – navigation isn’t complicated and even less-used features like lowering the front suspension to put on a block of weight can be found in seconds.

In fact, the drawbacks are rare. If anything, the addition of the joystick means the armrest is now a bit cluttered with leftover buttons for iTec, Autotrac, PTO, and reels that aren’t really needed.

Similarly, the reel paddle bank at the front of the control arm has been split to make room for the joystick.


The 6155R is powered by a 6.8-liter six-cylinder engine that is used throughout the 6R range and is also found in the three smaller 7-series models, up to the 7270R.

Not surprisingly, it has plenty of power, although both peak power and torque are obtained at relatively high speeds.

This means that on-the-spot fuel consumption rates were often higher than four-cylinder tractors that were tested when the ride was easy, although it held up much better when dragging the plow through the clay sections. of the camps.

Deere was one of the last engine manufacturers to adopt AdBlue for emission control, preferring to focus on exhaust gas recirculation. But as laws tightened, the company had no choice but to add it to a stacked list of cleaning kits.

The 6Rs now use a combination of SCR, DPF, and EGR. It is quite a complex system, but Deere estimates that AdBlue consumption is only 2-3% of fuel use, which is quite frugal compared to the competition.

In this sense, it only has a 16-liter tank, very little compared to the 56 liters of the New Holland.

Regarding servicing, the engine maintenance intervals are up to 750 hours and the AdBlue filter must be replaced every 4,500 hours.


About 55% of 6Rs sold in the UK are equipped with an Autopowr transmission. It is manufactured by ZF, which supplies the CVTs for all the machines produced in Mannheim (up to the 6250R). However, Deere manufactures its own gearboxes for the assembled tractors at its Waterloo, Iowa production plant.

Its operation has changed slightly since the first incarnations, and operators no longer have to keep one foot on the brake to prevent it from dragging from a stop.

This means that tractors will come to a quick stop once the throttle has been lifted and traction re-engaged with a touch of the pedal or a push of the joystick.

In terms of transmission efficiency, Deere claims that the gearbox uses at least 60% mechanical power at any speed and offers four points of 100% mechanical transmission.

This is achieved by incorporating four ranges to the transmission, between which it jumps at certain speeds.

Operators will not notice changes as the hydrostatic element moves in and out of work, but at fully mechanical actuation points the tractor loses less power through the transmission so this should be taken into account when setting target speeds.

These points peak at 3.5 km / h, 10.5 km / h and 21 km / h, while there is a gradual increase from 30 km / h to all-wheel drive at 50 km / h.

We found that running in fully automatic mode, with the tractor determining the relationship between engine revs and transmission speed, caused quite a bit of noise on our test machine, but messing with the camber settings in custom mode helps. reduce noise while maintaining forward motion.

To help cut fuel costs, the engine manages its revs when it is at full highway speed: 40 km / h is reached at 1,300 rpm, although 1,630 rpm for 50 km / h means that it requires a few revolutions more than the New Holland.

John Deere 6155R

Linkage and hydraulics

In the Deere rear configuration, all reels are located on the left side of the third point for easy operator access when hitching implements.

Quick release paddles on each valve make it easy to connect and disconnect, the Claas Arion being the only other test tractor to offer this simple but useful installation.

The pick-up hitch does not occupy a distribution valve, but there is a separate supply with an extend and retract button in the cab to actuate it. Being able to get by on one fewer reel can help bring the purchase price down a bit.

However, we found that there were too many options to configure and adjust the hitch.

Having the Command Pro joystick means splitting the location of the spool blades, with the first valve and link arm tabs being in the front of the armrest and the rest of the spools relegated to the proximity of the tap controls. of strength.

It’s easy enough to get the two front paddles confused, so it’s best to go to the trouble of setting them up on the Command Pro.

During the test week many implements and weight blocks were changed, giving us a good idea of ​​the ease of the process on each tractor.

One thing that stood out on the 6155R was the straightforward design of the front linkage pins – a spring loaded locking tab that lifts up to release the pin, meaning there’s no risk of getting your fingers caught on a ruthless pin.

A useful addition to our model was the 523-pound third hydraulic point, the controls of which can be assigned to the buttons on the rear fender. It makes hooking up a lot easier, and once you’ve had one, it’s hard to imagine life without it.

If this is your interest rate, it may be worth looking for a cheaper option in the aftermarket.

Deere keeps putting his old-fashioned toolbox in the fuel tank. It would be nice to see something bigger built into the machine somewhere, with the capacity to carry some bolts, cultivator tips and a selection of tools.

The range

The current 6R range had big boots to fill when it took over from the beloved 6000 series in 2012. In these eight years there have been several updates, notably that of the original flagship, the 6210R, which has been replaced by three larger machines. .

The 6155R replaced the 6150R in 2015, when the stricter phase 4 emissions laws went into effect.

The range is now something of a monster, consisting of no less than 11 models divided into groups according to the size of their chassis. The three smallest models (6110R, 6120R and 6130R) have a 2.58m wheelbase and are powered by a 4.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Our 6155R shares the mid-size 2.77m wheelbase with the 6135R and 6145R. The smallest model carries the four-cylinder block, while the rest have a larger 6.8-liter six-cylinder.

Above these come the 2.8m wheelbase tractors that start with the 6175R and include the 6195R and the popular 6215R.

The two largest models are the 6230R and 6250R (2.9 m wheelbase), which entered the range at the end of 2016.

When it comes to transmissions, the 6155R has the full five options, including the simple Powrquad, Autoquad Plus, and the Ecoshift variant.

Deere’s Directdrive dual-clutch gearbox can be fitted on models from the 6145R to 6215R, while the CVT Autopowr (a £ 5,465 improvement on the Directdrive) is an option across the range and is the only option. for 6230R and 6250R buyers.

There are three levels of specifications: Select, Premium and the top of the range, the last of which adds a selection of precision farming packages that include displays, Autotrac activation and implement steering.

Deere made its Command Pro armrest available as an option on all models in 2018. It’s still an extra 1,472 pounds on all models except the Ultimate spec, where it’s included.

There is no longer the option of having an Autopowr gearbox with manual reels and a right hand console, as all CVT tractors get the Command arm as standard.


John Deere is the best tractor on the market, the best comfortable cab in the world, strong pulling power, that’s why it is the best in the world. NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE.

Very happy with this tractor. I have owned 2 Kubotas and 2 New Holland tractors before (bought, used and sold). Son-in-law convinced me to buy a Deere. From the moment I sat down on it, I found it very easy to use. Seat and seat location are far superior to Kubota. All levers, pedals, etc. they are much more comfortable than the competition. The fenders and all fiberglass are higher quality than New Holland and are not prone to cracking.

This is my third John Deere tractor. They are reliable, strong, easy to use, good stability, easy to find parts, accessories, etc. Best resale value, even at the dealer trade. It is worth the money invested.

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